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About Us

Many years of experience in construction

Our company is based in Zagreb, and has been operating extremely successfully since its establishment. The company is primarily engaged in all business related to construction. Sales of construction materials, design, construction, sale of apartments and houses. The company's branch also operates successfully in the region, and provides services in the countries of the region and the European Union.

Sales and Production

You can buy construction materials from us, which we will then bring to you. From materials we have all materials for the construction of ready-mixed concrete and glaze, bulk materials of various granulations, reinforcing mesh, reinforced concrete, various dimensions of bricks, timber, planks, ready-made plasters, cement, lime and all other materials needed for construction.

Solutions and the Value of Satisfaction

In the field of our activity, we have gained the reputation of a company that is able to offer a complete construction solution, implement it and take over maintenance. The goal of our approach is, through building and maintaining assistance to our partners in achieving its business goals.

Technological Knowledge

Our competencies go beyond the knowledge of construction. By constantly investing in development and education, then by investing in research, we are constantly keeping up with the latest knowledge related to the construction industry. All this in order to get to know our clients and provide them with the latest technology in the construction process.
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Our loyal and reliable clients highly value us in our business because we care about management, optimal product quality, protection of people, and of course the environment we care about.

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